About us
In 1998, starting from scratch, Ms Jin founded the KKXIU. After 20 years, this nameless brand is well-known as the leader of Middle-Class brand, with more than 22 general agents and 308 distributors in different countries. The concept of classical with micro-fashion and functional, KKXIU is being loved.
The founder Jin is an ordinary lady, no one can imagine KKXIU is founded by a lady who has no connection with fashion appearance, but the inner beyond fashion. Each KKXIU bag owns the attitude and character of Jin, pragmatic, confident, and never give up.
In 1968, the founder Jin was born in a family can't be more ordinary in China. Her mother is a farmer, and her father couldn't walk like a normal man anymore due to an accident. Therefore, her family lost the main source of labor. However, her father never stopped educating the founder Jin. According to her father's recall, Jin was still studying even when she was in restroom. Finally, she dropped out of school when she was 14 because the heavy pressure from the family income. She became the cattle-girl and mower, but she never gave up learning when she was free.
When Jin was 23, she met her lover. Her husband was one of the poorest man in village but positive and ambitious. One year later, they became the poorest couple in the village, people even talked behind“Two dead rats get together”. Unwilling to submit to the fate, they started to find small commodities from other provinces to earn life. At the beginning, from day and night, they walked through every streets in different cities to find the source of goods to sell.
When there is a hard-time, Jin always believes and tells herself "Yes, I can do it."
In 1998, she noticed that many ladies were looking for a bag which is not only fashion, but also functional and comfortable. Then She started to design and set up company.
With attitude and temperature, more and more ladies join and grow with KKXIU together. Many of them accompany KKXIU more than 15 years. Imperfection but approaching perfection by effort is true beauty, has become the common pursuit of Jin and all KKXIU family members.
KKXIU Introduction
Founder Jin
KKXIU Positioning

KKXIU is successfully sold in North America, South America, the Middle East and Africa, mainly because KKXIU is close to the actual needs of consumers. KKXIU is a brand given the attitude of classical with micro-fashion and functional, serving for the middle class consumers. KKXIU is aim to bring a bag with quality and favorable price to every middle-class females to show themselves confidently.

KKXIU Process
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